This course covers Manual Testing for Web Based Application, API Testing, Mobile App & Desktop Application. You will get chance to get hands-on experience by working on Live Project. Also, you will get Training Certificate after passing online test with above 75% marks.


INR 10,000 INR 8,000

You can make this payment online after first 2 classes.


20 Hours (10 Classes of 2 Hours Each)


  • Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Weekdays (In Early Morning & Nights)


  1. Software Testing
    Software Testing Principles
    Software Development Life Cycle
    Software Testing Life Cycle
  2. SDLC Models
    Waterfall Model
    Spiral Model
    Hybrid Model
    Prototype Model
    Agile Model
  3. Type of Testing
    Manual Testing
    Automation Testing
  4. Types of Manual
    White Box Testing
    Black Box Testing
    Grey Box Testing
  5. White Box Techniques
    Data Flow Testing
    Control Flow Testing
    Branch Coverage Testing
  6. Black Box Techniques
    Decision Table
    All-pair Testing
    Cause-Effect Testing
    State Transition
    Use Case
  7. Types of Black Box
    Functional Testing
    Non-Functional Testing
  8. Types of Functional
    Unit Testing
    Integration Testing
    System Testing
  9. Types of Non-functional
    Performance Testing
    Usability Testing
    Compatibility Testing
  10. Test Case Development
    Testing Documentation
    Test Scenario
    Test Case
  11. Testing Techniques
    Error Guessing
    Equivalence Portioning
    Boundary Value Analysis
    Risk Based Testing
  12. Testing Management
    Test Plan
    Test Case Review Process
    Requirement Traceability Matrix
  13. Defect Tracking
    Bug in Software Testing
    Bug Life Cycle
    Severity & Priority
    Test Environment
  14. Other Types of Testing
    Regression Testing
    Smoke Testing
    Sanity Testing
    Exploratory Testing
    Visual Testing
    Acceptance Testing
    Alpha Testing
    Beta Testing
    Adhoc Testing
    Globalization Testing
    Mutation Testing
    Security Testing
    Accessibility Testing
  15. Testing on Live Projects
    Web Based Application
    API Testing
    Mobile App
    Desktop Application
  16. Software Testing Tools
    Software Testing Tools
    Test Management Tools
    Defect / Bug Tracking Tools
    Automation Testing Tools
    Performance Testing Tools
    Cross-browser Testing Tools
    Integration Testing Tools
    Unit Testing Tools
    Mobile Testing Tools
    GUI Testing Tools
    Security Testing Tools
  17. Differences Between Most Common Testing
    Automation Testing vs Manual Testing
    Load Testing vs Stress Testing
    Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing
    System Testing vs Acceptance Testing
    Quality Assurance vs Quality Control
    Static Testing vs Dynamic Testing
    Verification vs Validation Testing
    Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing
  18. Automation Testing Tools Overview
    Web Based Testing Tools
    API Testing Tools
    Performance Testing Tools
    Mobile Testing Tools
  19. Interview Questions
  20. Online Test & Issue Certificate

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