JMeter for Performance Test

This course covers JMeter tool in detail for Performance and API Testing.


INR 10,000 INR 8,000

You can make this payment online after 2 classes.


20 Hours (10 Classes of 2 Hours Each)


  • Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Weekdays (In Early Morning & Nights)



  • What is Performance Testing & Load Testing
  • What is JMeter?
  • Advantages of JMeter
  • JMeter Tool Overview

JMeter Installations

  • Installation on Windows
  • Installation on Mac

JMeter Elements & Others

  • Thread Group
  • Samplers
  • Listeners
  • Timers
  • Assertions

Logic Controllers in JMeter

  • Loop Controller
  • Recording Controller
  • Simple, Module & Include Controllers
  • Random & Random Over Controllers
  • Interleave Controller
  • Throughput Controller (Build a Distributed Load Test)

Recording the JMeter Scripts

  • Recording the application under test with JMeter
  • Recording & Playback JMeter Scripts
  • Recording in Chrome with Blazemeter Extension

First JMeter Test

  • Create First JMeter Test
  • Put Assertions and Validate the Result – Pass / Fail
  • Put the Load
  • Analyze the Result
  • Additional Plugins to Set Advanced Load Configuration

Regular Expressions in JMeter

  • Why Regular Expression in JMeter?
  • Example

Data Driven Testing with JMeter

  • Steps to create Data Driven Testing
  • Example

Handling Dynamic Responses – Correlation

  • What is Correlation?
  • Steps to Identify correlation and analyzing it
  • Regular expression importance in Parsing the response

JMeter validation in Non GUI Mode

  • Commands to run tests on non GUI Mode
  • Monitoring results in Non GUI execution
  • Importance of Blaze Meter for Cloud Execution

JMeter Distributed Mode in Running Tests in Slave machines

  • Importance of Client Server architecture
  • Example

Beanshell Scripting Basics for JMeter

  • Beanshell Scripting Basics & Variables
  • Generating Dynamic Values with Beanshell Sampler
  • Beanshell Post Processor Validations

Integration of Selenium with JMeter

  • Selenium Integrating with JMeter
  • Setting up JUnit Testcase into JMeter
  • Selenium JMeter Testcase Example- htmlunit Driver

REST API Load Testing Using JMeter

  • REST API Basics – Importance of Testing
  • REST API Request Types
  • Creating REST API Testcase in JMeter
  • Load Testing on REST API

Monitoring Server Performance

  • Importance of Server Monitoring
  • Youkit Profiler Tool
  • Example

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